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It takes more than a good search engine to perform a good patent search.


Patent search software

Searching - Reporting - Analytical support - Record keeping - Document handling: Saves time and reduces stress.

PatentPrism provides an enabling desktop workspace and a powerful interface that dramatically enhance your access to primary, on-line national and international patent databases, for more effective and faster searching and reporting, and improved efficiency for several other patent-related activities.

Whether you are a professional searcher or fairly new to patent searching, using PatentPrism can help you take your on-line searching to a higher and more enjoyable level.


Simplifies patent and related document access from your desktop

PatentUtility provides quick lookup of patents and related documents in USPTO and several international on-line databases, from a single convenient desktop interface. Various document number entry formats are recognized, and hyperlinks to selected relevant databases are presented. Patent search strings can also be entered and used on-line. When its entry field is empty, PatentUtility displays all of its currently available hyperlinks to patent office websites.

PatentUtility is available as a free download from Concepdance.

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