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How to Get PatentPrism

PatentPrism is available by annual renewable license from Concepdance, LLC.

If you are interested in requesting a PatentPrism license, fill out the form below, or send an email including your contact information to .

A full annual renewable licence includes

  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited report publication
  • All program updates
  • E-mail and telephone customer support
  • Renewals discounted 15% from the new license price on the date of renewal

Support is also available from Concepdance for establishing and updating custom search criteria for your company, on a consulting / contract basis.

Evaluation License

We recommend that you try an Evaluation License to PatentPrism before purchasing a Full License, to ensure that PatentPrism meets your needs and is compatible with your computer system.

The Evaluation License is fully functional, with principal differences from the Full License listed below.

Evaluation License Full License
Term 15 days, convertible to a Full License for an additional 30 days 1 year, renewable
Number of reports that
can be published
20 Unlimited
License Code from
Concepdance required
No Yes
At end of License Current data remains available for 30 additional days Current data remains available


A new single-user Full License is $799.00, payable by check. Contact Concepdance for quantity pricing.

Please note that we currently sell only to businesses in the United States and Canada.

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To order by telephone, call Concepdance at (781) 275-9510.

Mailing address: Concepdance LLC, 101 Great Road #104, Bedford, MA 01730-2715